Impressions from two social gatherings organized during the first official echinoderm meeting, the Symposium on Physiology of Echinodermata, held 1963 in Washington, DC as part of the 16thInternational Congress of Zoology. (A) John B. Loefer, Richard A. Boolootian, John M. Anderson, Allahverdi A.-H. Farmanfarmaian. (B) Dennis J. Crisp, W. Randolph Taylor. (C) George P. Wells, Friedrich Krüger. (D) Hans O. Brattström, Wolfgang Wieser, Williamina A. M. Courtney, C. Ladd Prosser, unidentified person. (E) Jeremy D. Woodley, Lary V. Davis, Thomas S. Hopkins, John S. Pearse. (F) John M. Anderson, Aage M. Christensen. Images courtesy Mark Boolotian and Richard A. Boolootian.

  Part of: Ziegler A, Mirantsev G, Jangoux M, Kroh A (2014) Historical aspects of meetings, publication series, and digital resources dedicated to echinoderms. Zoosystematics and Evolution 90(1): 45-56.