A–D. Beatogordius sp., cuticular pattern (A), detail of the cloacal opening (B), overview (C) and detail (D) of the posterior end, showing the cloacal opening (co) and the postcloacal spines (pcs). E–O. Gordionus sp., cuticular pattern and posterior ends of specimens V2215, V2217, V2236 (II), two specimens of V9615 (I and II) and V11117. H shows detail of precloacal bristles anterior to the cloacal opening (co). N shows precloacal bristles, O shows the cloacal opening (co) and some postcloacal spines (pcs).

  Part of: Schmidt-Rhaesa A (2016) The collection of Nematomorpha in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, including description of a new species, Chordodes jelkae sp. n. Zoosystematics and Evolution 92(2): 211-250. https://doi.org/10.3897/zse.92.10351