Chordodes jelkae sp. n.; A–E from holotype (V10960I). A. Overview on the cuticle from the lateral side showing elevated crowned areole clusters. B. Overview of the cuticle from the ventral side showing clusters with crowned areoles with long filaments along the ventral midline (vml). C. Fine structure of simple areoles (sar), crowned areoles (crar) and circumcluster areoles (ccar). Some areoles may be either type (*). D. Magnification of simple areoles. E. Arrangement of simple areoles (sar) and structure of tubercle areoles (tuar). F. Cuticle from second specimen (V10960II).

  Part of: Schmidt-Rhaesa A (2016) The collection of Nematomorpha in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, including description of a new species, Chordodes jelkae sp. n. Zoosystematics and Evolution 92(2): 211-250.