Pseudocrangonyx gudariensis Tomikawa & Sato, sp. n., holotype, male (3.9 mm), NSMT-Cr 24603. A antenna 1, medial view; B antenna 2, medial view; C upper lip, anterior view; D lower lip, ventral view; E left mandible, medial view; F right mandible, medial view; G maxilla 1, dorsal view; H maxilla 2, dorsal view.

  Part of: Tomikawa K, Nakano T, Sato A, Onodera S, Ohtaka A (2016) A molecular phylogeny of Pseudocrangonyx from Japan, including a new subterranean species (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Pseudocrangonyctidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 92(2): 187-202.